We use only the best waterproofing, tile removal and tiling products

Wetproof provides waterproofing, tiling and tile removal services to builders, owner-builders and renovators in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and surrounding areas. We only use the highest quality waterproofing and adhesive products, so that you can feel confident in the integrity of your wet areas and wall and floor tiling.

Bathroom Blue Waterproofing Installation
  • Waterproof membranes

    The membranes we use all conform to or exceed Australian Standard Class 3; these are the most flexible and highest-rated membranes for waterproofing. The waterproofing and tile adhesive products we use are sourced from Bayset Specialist Trade Suppliers, who are the leading suppliers of quality waterproofing products in Australia.

  • Tile removal

    • Stand up concrete grinders with diamond grinding cups
    • Large dust extractors to keep dust in your house to a minimum
  • Tiling

    • High quality polymer modified tile adhesives
    • A tile levelling clip system will be used on any rectified edge tiles to ensure a lip-free seamless finish
    • High quality, stain resistant grouts in a number of colours
    • Caulking/silicone